Tristan Thompson’s ex, Jordan Craig’s Crptic Message on Tristan and khloe+Mystery Woman scandal.

Tristan Thompson’s ex has called for peace after the star was caught kissing another woman while Khloe Kardashian is just days away from giving birth.

Jordan Craig, 26 – who shares a son with the NBA star – took to Instagram on Wednesday to break her silence on the scandal as she revealed she would ‘never make light of someone else’s misfortune’.


In her Instagram story, Jordan uploaded a post that read: ‘If you respect yourself and you respect others, you would never make light of the misfortune of anyone.

Tristan was previously accused of breaking up with Jordan while she was pregnant. Their son, Prince, was born in December 2016.

Jordan – who works as an Instagram model and runs a lifestyle site – dated Tristan in 2016 and fell pregnant with her and the Cleveland Cavalier player’s first child.



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