Everton Football Star ‘Wayne Rooney’ Apears In Court Today, On Drunk-Driving Charges

Former England captain and Everton football star ‘Wayne Rooney‘ who was stopped by police, in Wilmslow, Cheshire, at 2am of September 1st.

While driving 29-year-old party girl Laura Simpson home from a night out in her Volkswagen Beetle. 

And the lady dropped a bombshell when she claimed she would have had sex with the married footballer if he hadn’t been pulled over by police, an arrest which said ‘spoiled the night‘. 

Laura who is a sales manager also claimed the footballer complimented her breasts during their 10-hour drinking session and said the pair even ‘kissed and cuddled‘. 

Following the bombshell, Rooney marriage has been on the line as his pregnant wife and mother of his three sons, has moved out of their Cheshire mansion. 
While arriving court today, he was pictured wearing his wedding ring but there was no sign of his wife Coleen
See more photo:

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