20 Year Old ‘Tim Record’ Stabs Older Brother To Death Over Internet Bandwidth

A deadly fight between two brothers over internet devices ended with 20-year-old Tim Record, of Leominster, Massachusetts stabbing his older brother, 23-year-old brother, Nathan, to death, police said.
Tim Record pleaded not guilty Wednesday to the murder of his brother, Nathan.
Their mother called police Tuesday evening after her sons’ argument over digital devices that overtaxed the home’s internet bandwidth turned bloody, CBS of WBZ-TV reported.
According to information witnesses gave to the police, the brothers were arguing over the use of digital devices which overwhelmed their internet bandwidth and that led to a fight. They claim Nathan allegedly punched Tim in the head, and retreated to his bedroom. 

Tim got upset, stormed into the kitchen took some knives, went to his brother’s room and stabbed him in the chest.
Nathan was rushed to the UMass Health Alliance Hospital, where he died. Tim was arrested, handcuffed and taken away as soon as the police arrived. He is being held without bail.

“I would say the family’s in mourning at this point, that‘s probably the best way to describe their situation. Very sad, very tragic,” 

Tim Record’s attorney, Blake Rubin, told reporters after his arraignment Wednesday.

Tim’s next court appearance is scheduled for Oct,6.

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