18 Year-Old ‘Obdulia Sanchez’ Who LiveStreamed Sisters Death, Said She Did It To Help Raise Money For Her Sister’s Funeral

18 year-old Obdulia Sanchez made headlines back in July for accidentally killing her 14 year-old sister during a fatal car crash that she livestreamed. 
Obdulia, who is accused of driving under the influence is now explaining why she kept live streaming during the graphic accident.

According to KPGE-TV, in a letter sent from Merced County Jail, the teen explained: 

“I made that video because I knew I had more than 5,000 followers,” she wrote. “It was the only way my sister would get a decent burial. I would never expose my sister like that. I anticipated the public donating money because my family isn’t rich.” She also added, “Sorry for making that video. I look awful but I accomplished my goal.”

The family has raised over $12k for her sister Jacqueline’s funeral through a GoFundMe campaign. The teen’s parents are supporting their daughter and believe it was an accident. In the letter, Obdulia also wrote about her desire to dedicate a music album to her sister, opening a boxing gym with her dad and starting a clothing line.

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