‘I Once Had Sex In A Swimming Pool, It’s Way Better Than Bedroom Sex’ – Amara Maduka

Nollywood actress, Amara Maduka, has given details on how she loves her sex experiences. Amara in a recent interview, noted that unlike many who care about the size of a man’s penis, she really doesn’t care as long as it gives her sexual pleasure and satisfaction in bed. 

“Size doesn’t matter when it comes to sex; it’s how you use what you have that matters. What is the essence of a big ‘banana’ if it cannot be used well?”

she asked. 
On the weirdest place she has ever had sex, she said: 

“I once had sex in the pool, it was way better than bedroom sex. I prefer early morning sex, the one that happens when your husband wakes you up with erection and you initially pretend you are not interested, but you really want to get down to it.”

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