ORC Exclusive: New Twist On The Aminah Dupree & Rasean Williams Saga, Appears Rasean Isn’t As Clean As He Portrayed And Tanesha Is In Soup

So yesterday, OneRandomChick brought the news on Aminah Dupree and Rasean Williams. Aminah Dupree was a former love interest of Rasean Williams and it seems he got married on a Monday after he spent the Sunday at Aminah’s house without letting her know and she took to Facebook to call him and his new wife out. The wife, Tanesha Rivers is an author and also a God-fearing Christian, so def this was bad news for her.

It seems she later apologized just so she could see Rasean and he spun everything against her and humiliated her online, making her the bad person.

Well now another lady, Candace N Ellis has come forward to put the dirty on Rasean Williams, he is not the angel, Tanesha Rivers thinks she married. Apparently, Rasean is a playboy who has been breaking women hearts up and down and karma is knocking on his door, other ladies he played are also not having it. She commented here and I reached her via email so she can tell her own side of the story. She gave me links to her and another lady comments on Facebook alongside emails to Rasean.

From all of this, I really do feel sorry for Aminah Dupree and I pray God heals her and give a king that would make her his Queen because Rasean is nothing but a trashy playboy and I am sure he is as broke as hell. I also pity Tanesha Rivers, his wife, I hope for her sake he is changed. Because this is no way to start a relationship or more importantly, marriage. Not at all.

God heal you, Aminah Dupree, you are loved, Rasean isn’t worth your life.

Libs of ORC


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