Update: Rob Kardashian Puts Blac Chyna On Blast For Cheating, Chyna Responds

Rob Kardashian just put Blac Chyna on blast for allegedly cheating on him. According to Rob’s Instagram page, Chyna sent him a video of herself kissing another man, after the reality star claims they recently had sex.

“Come spend time with your daughter instead of f*cking me and then this dude right after. U need help,” he captioned the clip on Instagram.

The dude who #BlacChyna was kissing in the video isn't here for the games 😩

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The exposé didn’t stop there as Rob posted screenshots of an alleged text conversation with the one of her side pieces.

The plot continued to thicken when Rob posted a photo of Blac Chyna’s vagina, which he claims she sent him the prior day.

“I never been so disrespected in my life. I just bought her 250K of jewelry yesterday. This woman is so disrespectful and I don’t care,” he wrote.

Apparently this is the man (who goes by Ferraritru3 on Instagram) Rob claims Chyna is cheating with:

“And this the dude that posted a pic in the same bed Chyna and I made our baby in. The house that I pay for. That robe i prob paid for.”

Rob claims he paid for Chyna’s plastic surgery after the birth of their child.

“And for all u wondering why her damn nipples are so damn big thats cuz she had surgery after the baby was born on our anniversary January 25th that I paid 100K for and they really messed up on her nipples. Them shits used to be so cute and now they so damn big!”

He also claims she has an expensive drug habit.

Blac Chyna took to Snapchat to respond to Rob’s Instagram posts, accusing him of domestic abuse and infidelities on his end.

Wait…there's more!!! #BlacChyna #RobKardashian (Swipe)

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#BlacChyna & #RobKardashian 👀 (Swipe)

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Rob appears to be in the final stretch of his rant, summing up his anger into a few posts.

Here’s what 50 Cent has to say:

#50cent has some advice for #RobKardashian 😩

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