Billionaire Businessman Scott Tommey Serenades Wife Seiyefa At 40

Seiyefa Jessica Tommey, the beautiful wife of billionaire oil mogul, Scott Tommey is a year older today.

Curiously, however, at 40, some women are like sapphire, they glow as the brilliant blue gem thus colouring the world with their craft. Some are sassy as teens and cute as amber studs. Some are like coral clasps-pretty yet disposable. Amidst the glitter, Seiyefa is an emerald cut.

Scott Tommey was made for Seiyefa. To Seiyefa, it probably feels like she had him ordered and delivered to her, to be worshipped and revered. On this note, it may be said that Scott is Seiyefa’s idol.

And this is where it gets interesting; Scott also considers Seiyefa a boon from God. The Chairman of Seina Marine treasures her like a priceless heirloom – this explains his predilection to flaunt her like a sapphire-studded wristwatch or button hole bouquet to the world.

His marriage to Seiyefa was the culmination of the intense passion and selfless love that they painstakingly built and shared. It was a pleasant manifestation of his heartfelt dream to have her to hold, to love and appreciate for a lifetime.

According to him, “Having the good things of life is good but getting married to my wife Seiyefa, was one of the best things I ever experienced. I met her on a very sunny afternoon in Port-Harcourt and something just clicked. She is from Bayelsa State. As the cliché says, one thing led to the other and here we are as a loving family blessed with three wonderful kids. I can say I am fulfilled; I am blessed with good health and a wonderful family, though there are still many lands to cover. With God, nothing shall be insurmountable.”

No doubt, Seiyefa was and still is the mysterious woman of his dreams, the angelic muse that inspired and still invigorating his ardor, leading him everlastingly into the Eden of unparalleled love. With her, he suffered no false protestations of love and blissful companionship.

Their love was neither a performance nor a jailhouse thus Scott and his heartthrob felt no pressure to break out of a literal or symbolic prison of lust and unrequited love.


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