Stevie J. Claims Joseline Attacked Him With A Piping Hot Bowl Of Mushrooms


After months of reconciliation and peaceful co-parenting, Stevie J. and Joseline are back up to their old volatile antics.

This time, Stevie is claiming that his most recent baby mama attacked him in an Atlanta restaurant.

According to TMZ, Stevie claims the attack occurred on May 10 at Seasons 52 Restaurant in Atlanta.

He says he and Joseline were supposed to be meeting with his lawyer regarding something or other, but Stevie backed out due to the fact that he felt that Joseline was in a hostile mood.

He was clearly correct, because as soon as he got up to leave, Joseline allegedly picked up a bowl of hot mushrooms they had been served and tossed them at his back.

Restaurant employees backed up Stevie’s story, saying that Joseline’s wild banshee behavior scared a few of the other customers. Police reportedly took the broken bowl in as evidence.

Stevie wants the court to mandate anger management and psych evaluation for Joseline.

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