Kevin Hart May Run For President In 2020


Kevin is one of our favorites. From his crazy snap chat antics to his hilarious commentary, who wouldn’t want to see one of America’s funniest man take over the oval office in four years?

Well, the funny man himself may have plans to do so.. under one condition.

While talking to ENews, Kevin Hart told a reporter that the only how he’d run for president is if his colleague Dwayne Johnson does so as well. Dwayne Johnson announced his bid for the presidency in 2020 and hand picked Tom Hanks as his running mate.


Fuel for the fire? This bold move may have inspired friend Kevin Hart to get on the presidential race wagon. He told the ENews reporter:

“If Dwayne Johnson runs for president, I will be running for president the same year. And I can announce my VP right now, and it’s somebody I love—it’s my son!” With 9-year-old Hendrix Hart by his side, Kevin told his son, “Just shake your head yes. Just shake your head yes!”


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