Outrage As An Unidentified Man Pays N42m As Tithe Offering To A Church In Benue State


A man whose identity is yet to be uncovered, has shocked members of a local church in Makurdi, Benue State by paying a tithe offering of N42 million.

This single donation in a month has caused anger in the state where workers are being owed salaries and the government struggling to pay salaries.

Investigations by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Makurdi revealed that the money was paid into the UBA account of the NKST Church High level Makurdi.

Although the resident pastor of the church, Dr. Frederick Ikyaan, initially denied knowledge of such offering, a copy of the church’s quarterly financial report, covering the months of January – March, confirmed the payment of N42 million tithe to the church.


The report showed that the lodgment is the highest single offering from an individual for the quarter. The money was paid into the church’s account in January.

The breakdown of the church’s financial report showed an income of N56.2 million and an expenditure of N33.7 million within the same period..

The church’s records also showed that out of the income, N44.6 million was generated from tithe, while a single person accounted for N42 million.

Reacting to the financial report, the pastor said his initial denial was based on the allegations that the donor was an appointee of the Benue State Government.

”I still stand by my words that the person that gave us that money is not an appointee of the state government. In fact, he does not even stay in Benue but is an indigene of the state.”

He said there was nothing wrong with the offering and insisted that the church has nothing to hide.

Meanwhile, the tithe offering has stirred controversy in a state struggling to pay the salaries of workers.

Public discussion centred on the legitimacy of the donors income, as a man who pays N42m to a church as tithe must have made an income of N420 million in the month that he paid. The amount donated is 10% of N420m which the Bible recommended as the amount of tithe for a Christian to pay from his income.

The NKST Church is an abbreviation for ‘Non go Kristu U Sudan hen Tiv’, meaning the Church of Christ Amongst the Tiv.


One thought on “Outrage As An Unidentified Man Pays N42m As Tithe Offering To A Church In Benue State

  1. The amount is mindboggling to say the least. Why didn’t he donate it to health care programmes? I think Nigerians are sick and tired of seeing their fellow men begging for alms to treat medical issues on the streets and somebody who God knows where just plunks 42 million as tithe for one month! T he person must be fished out and his source of revenue verified.

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