Uber Driver Killed By Murders Who Posed As Passengers

2 wicked criminals have been apprehended for killing an Uber driver in Lagos on Sunday. The two criminals are Osaro Egbomrewen and Michael Eyeoekpe.


According to the Lagos State police boss, Fatai Owoseni, the Uber driver, Ehobosa Alex, was killed on a Sunday at Fagba, Iju-Ishaga area of the state and his body was dumped by the roadside on Oremeji Street, Iju. The victim’s Kia Saloon car was then driven to Edo state.

The suspects posed as passengers and when the driver got to the Ogba area, they strangled him with a belt and dumped his body by the road side at Oremeji Street.

Read the confession of one of the criminals below:

Egbomrewen, 31, who is one of the criminals said, “Around 9:30p.m, we called the Uber driver to come pick us at Tantalizer eatery at Ogba, I and Destiny were inside the vehicle with the driver, but Michael was outside.”

I was holding the belt, immediately I put the belt across the driver’s neck, Destiny dragged the belt and we strangled him. We took his corpse to Oremeji Street and dumped him in front of a church around 10:30pm.

We took the vehicle to Michael’s boss to sell the vehicle and he enquired on how we got it but when we told him that we killed the owner, he said we should take the car away.

Michael said we should take it (the vehicle) to his house and park it outside before taking it to another buyer in Benin, where we were tracked to and arrested.”


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