Watch Video Of Nigerians Standing Against The Deportation Of A Chained Nigerian By Holding The KLM Flight To A Stand Still


A group of Nigerians on board a Dutch KLM flight stopped the flight from departing, demanding that a fellow Nigerian who was handcuffed as well as chained like a hardened criminal, scheduled for deportation back to Nigeria be removed from the flight.

Watch video below:

A Whtasapp has become viral with the video. Read viral message below:

”Nigerians held the Dutch KLM flight to a stand still demanding that a fellow Nigerian brought into the plane for deportation back home to Nigeria be taken off the plane or the plane was going nowhere. What was this man’s crime? He had no documents and so he was chained like an animal.

When would our governments start demanding her citizens be treated with respect and decorum like human beings. And my fellow Nigerians you see what unity brings. Let us start uniting and stand up together and say enough is enough.

#Man in the mirror # standing for basic human rights and good leadership”.


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