Nigerian Couple Arrested For Biting And Facturing Their Baby’s Bones To Make Him Strong 

A Nigerian couple who lives in Rhode island has been arrested by the Providence police. The couples baby was found to be critically injured in their home on Constitution street.

The police learnt of the abuse of the baby when Olawusi called 911 to report that his son was no longer breathing. The firefighters then took the 3-months-old baby to Hasbro Children’s hospital on Monday. 

Prosecutors said the baby has at least a dozen fractures on his AR. S,  feet and skull. Bite marks were found on his body and he was unconscious. 

Police has charged 33-year-old Arinola Oluwawusi and 40-year-old Olalekan Oluwawusi with child neglect.  

Arinola said her husband bit and pulled the legs of the baby to make him grow strong. The baby has been reported to be in a critical condition.  

Also,  this is not the first time The Department Of Children, Youth And Families (DCYF) has been to Olawusi’s residence.  Their first child was actually taken away from them at birth. 

Wow!  Really, are they fit to be called parents?  Parenting is not a must now.  Not like the children were forced on them. 

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