2 Year Old Defends Her Choice Of Picking A Black Doll


Two year-old Sophia Benner is making headlines after defending her choice of doll to an ignorant cashier at a supermarket. Sophia was told she could pick out a prize for finishing her potty training.

She and her mother visited a South Carolina Target, where Sophia headed straight for the doll aisle. One doll in particular caught her attention, a doll dressed in a doctor’s lab coat and a stethoscope around her neck that just so happened to be black.


According to Sophia’s mom,

“She kept going back to the doctor doll, because in her mind, she is already a doctor,” Benner said. “She loves giving checkups, and if you come in the house, she’ll tell you that’s the first thing you need.”

When Sophia and her mother walked up to the register to check out that’s when the issue of race came into play.

Nice one baby girl. Teach them racists.

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