Kamau F. Hosten Gives Fashion Tips To Males


Kamau is a Trinidad native who was a journalist and reporter by trade, before making the leap to menswear. It wasn’t until he picked up a part-time retail gig in Miami, and read several books on classic menswear, that he saw an opportunity to combine his talents and begin consulting for luxury brands on refining the copy and content on their websites. His blog, The Ideal Pursuit, is a journey towards stepping out of comfort zones in the art of styling.


As he was making the shift from reporter to menswear branding expert, Kamau studied the game, gradually refined his taste, and put together a smart wardrobe of classic tailoring. The first lesson he learned was “less is more”.


Rather than accumulating more clothes and growing a larger wardrobe for his new fashion gig, he did just the opposite. He slowly cut out things that he didn’t wear, or didn’t represent him properly, and eventually settled on a handful of carefully curated pieces that would carry him through the next few years.





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