Did Vince Cheat On Tamar And Father A Child?


Tamar Braxton admitted recently that she and Vince haven’t had the picture perfect marriage on their 8th wedding anniversary, but could he have cheated and fathered a daughter the day before their wedding night?

A woman who is going by the name of “Paris Herbert” is claiming that she and Vince had an affair and now have an 7 year old daughter together. She says she is taking matters into social media becasue VInce is refusing to pay up for the child.

Is this a hoax or reality? People are confused, but Tamar admits a few things about the situation.

According to Tay Tay, ain’ no way on Earth this is Vince’s daughter. And if it was, she maintains that she would treat her as her own. Peculiarly, Tamar addresses the fact that Vince used to date white women, pointing out the woman pictured on the Instagram account is not his type.

There is no proof yet so this could pass as a rumour.


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