You Ought To Have Sex With Me To Proof You Love Me: Yea Or Nay

Sex and relationships is a trivial issue in most relationships today. Males and females alike sometimes feel pressured about having sex with their partners before marriage. Most times, it is linked to either religious beliefs or mindsets or even mood swings.


Below is the dilemma of a Nigerian guy on the sex issue.

I have this girlfriend whom I love with all my heart, in fact, she is the only l girl I’ve been in love with and have future plans for. I know she loves me too but not as much as I love her. she lives and work in a different sate from where I reside.  So I traveled last weekend  to see her and to give her the gifts I got her. I was really excited because its been 2 months since I saw her last. Also because I would be able to have a lovely and sweet sex with her(she satisfies me in bed, so I miss her badly, and besides, I kept my body for her since the last time we saw each other).

I lodged in a really nice hotel so we could have a great & romantic weekend. But she denied me sex over the weekend giving an excuse that she wasn’t in the mood even though she tried to calm me down. I tried to understand and respect the fact that she didn’t want it, so I locked up even though I wasn’t happy. I felt hurt when I got back home. I had to ask her over the phone why she acted that way. I don’t just believe she wasn’t in the mood.

She must have planned & decided not to before my arrival. We argued about it. The most annoying fact was that she should have informed me about her new celibate lifestyle before I traveled down to meet her. We spoke for a long time and argued before we went to sleep that night.  I thought my dearest girlfriend will call me later to apologize or calm me down and explain to me better. Would you believe she hasn’t called me since then and I haven’t too.

Am beginning to doubt her love for me. All our previous fights, I was always the one  calling to settle the misunderstandings. Is she a good woman for me to consider marrying because I can’t believe she would deny me sex just like that. I feel my love for her would make her take me for granted. I want too end the relationship because as a man, I feel I shouldn’t be taken for a fool.

Really? She’s not even your spouse yet. She’s just your girlfriend. Why would you want to make her feel you own her or something. Its her body for crying out loud. Does it always have to be about sex? Wait because she denied you sex for once, you feel she doesn’t respect you as her man? Go on, Break up up with her, a better man who values her will take her on.

Whats your say on this?

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