#WifeNotCook Trends On Social Media Again


Just recently, there’s been a social media hashtag campaign of women who protested against women being in kitchen. The hashtag came about as a result of Noble Igwe’s comment on his wedding photoshoot where a reader condemned his wife for letting him to eat out instead of cooking for him.

To this, the blogger replied ” Wife, not cook.How can I let my wife cook for me after painting her nails”?
But Nigerians including Nollywood Practitioners are not taking it lightly at all. Read some of their comments below:


Segun Adefila- “What’s this #Wifenotcook story about? I like the way some Africans like to ‘develop’. Iranu oshi. Why not make it #Wifenotmother? Oshiskocated imbecility”.

Tunde Olaoye, Director(Jenifas Diary)- “My wife is a cook, I am ATM. Kill yourself!”

Euphemia Udanoh- “Instead of #WifeNotCook please trend #MotherNotCook and watch malnutrition finish the children God blessed your dumb self with!”

Hadiza Mohammed Abubakar- “If you tag me to the #WifeNotCook rubbish, I WILL BLOCK YOU. I’m not on social media to indulge stupidity. Ask your mother if she didn’t cook for your father.


Daniella Ukeri- “#WifeNotCook is all fun and games till the men start trending #husbandnotbank
Lemme catch any of you call these men petty or broke or scum.”

Chidinma Ubani- “#WIFENOTCOOK ? I’m very sure that it’s all those indomie wives that are looking for a way to runaway from the kitchen that are parading that campaign.
Wives that cook very well can’t wait for their husbands to come home and leak their fingers while eating.
Don’t worry make una pls start #WIFENOTBED TOO, lets see the bedroom frustrated wives too.

Indomie and egg wives, keep exposing yourselves…. wifenotcook my SHORT HEIGHT.”
Nnebuo Jane Chinelo- “Did I hear #WifenotCook ?
#WifenotCook ! Who ll now cook? I don’t understand!
Some girls don’t have sense oo.. Becox of why ll u not cook?

Most of this girls have used all their cooking techniques in a very stupid boys house! Not house sef, one room apartment! And u come here to say #WifenotCook .. A wife that doesn’t cook for the husband, is that one wife?
Stay here and be fooling around, u have not even smelled marriage talk more of being a wife that ll not cook.. Until ur silly ass gets married, nobody ll tell u to rush into the kitchen by 4am to make breakfast, 12 to make lunch and 5pm to make dinner. If possible u ll still wake up by 1am to make food cox I know men that eat late nights…
Stupid hopeless girls!”
Zara Gift Onyinye- “What’s that hashtag trending #WifeNotCook tingy self?
Ok….As a mother cum wife ,you won’t cook for your husband and kids in order not to be seen or called a cook?
But you ate out of your mummy’s pot ,kwo?
Hear me and hear it well.
Pull up a chair close to you and sit down in a place,biko.
Again,miss me in that euphoria of a wife not a cook because I am both.
I will cook.
I love cooking for my households.
I won’t stop cooking.
It does not make me less.
Go and cure your laziness and not well brought up illness in your system.
Yes,I said it….bring it on.”
Lol….Nigerians will no kill person!

Meanwhile, OAP Daddy Freeze’s 12-year-old daughter prepared his breakfast and he had something to say about that!


This wasn’t cooked by Bae…. She is in the market getting ingredients for her next@tastebudzng culinary delight! It was actually prepared by my 12 year old daughter, who is not only top of her class, but top of her entire set in school. Bae is definitely doing a good job bringing her up!
She prepared baked beans in bell pepper sauce, with egg and a sausage and waited for the supermarket to display today’s bread, before she bought it so that my breakfast would be perfect. After I finished eating, I prayed for her and for the young man that would marry her when they both come of age.
Dear mothers, please raise your daughters well, because if you don’t, it becomes our full time job living with them in endurance.

My take on this is if you can not or would not cook for your own home i.e your husband and children, why disturb every other person that intends to do so? In every home, the love of God and understanding should be key not all the social media rants here and there trying to form feminism, just because you think its the new cool.

What’s your take?


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