One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Arrested In Airport While Trying To Defend His Girlfriend


One Direction star Louis Tomlinson has been arrested for allegedly attacking a photographer at Los Angeles International Airport, an incident the singer’s lawyer described as “provoked” by paparazzi.

The incident happened Friday after Tomlinson, arriving on a flight with his girlfriend, Eleanor Calder, asked a photographer to stop filming. After an alleged scuffle, the photographer made a citizen’s arrest on Tomlinson.


Tomlinson was released, and a court date was set for March 29.

Martin Singer, his lawyer, in a statement said the paparazzi “provoked and caused the altercation” and that Tomlinson came to his girlfriend’s defense after she was being “attacked.”

In a video that was allegedly released few hours ago, the photographer was getting right up in Louis‘ girlfriend Eleanor Calder‘s face. The paparazzo clearly was not being respectful of her space.

Eleanor is seen walking, possibly to the bathroom, and the photographer runs right in front of her track to snap photos. She is clearly startled and turns around and puts her hands over her face. While she walks away, Louis goes up to the photographer and tries to grab his camera. The man continues snapping away throughout all of this.

Louis and the photographer get into a bit of a struggle and while walking away, Louis appears to fall down and he decides to bring the photographer down with him. The photographer then falls backward and hits his head on the ground.

When Louis gets up, he rushes to Eleanor‘s side as he sees that she has been pushed into a corner by several women who appear to be ganging up on her. While it’s not clear what happened in the moments before the camera pans to her, it looks like Eleanor is being attacked and Louis pulls a woman off his girlfriend. Airport security then intervenes and pulls everyone apart.

Really! Can’t he defend the love of his life in peace again?

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