Help I Don’t Seem To Have Time For Myself Anymore Cos Of My Kid

Phew! What could be more demanding than raising a kid much more a bunch of kids if you birthed twins or triplets.  *Winks* 

An average mother only gets 17 minutes of “me time” to herself everyday and the little spare time is spent online and other social media platforms. This is bound to leave you weary instead of feeling refreshed. 

Besides, that going through timeline photos and uploads of your friends could leave you feeling jealous and left out.

The mess, the noise, having to teach them stuff, dealing with their emotional issues and an endless list of roles played by us is so demanding and depressing for some. 

How do I cope with all this?  you might ask. These tips should help.

* Accept it.  Live with it. Don’t get depressed about it. It’s okay for you to feel this way. You’re not alone in this. 

* Get someone to talk to. Preferably a counselor or even another mum who understands you and feels your pain. If you feel judged by the person you talk too, get someone else to talk to until you find the right person. 

* Getting a nanny or a relative you trust to spend time with your kid/kids will go a long way in ensuring you have enough ‘me time’s for yourself.

* Sneak in ‘me time’s’with the moments you spend with your kids.  Take longer times in the shower, in the car,  go shopping with your kids while your girlfriend/girlfriends are there with you. Gist on the phone while watching your kids. 

Motherhood comes with its precious moments so don’t let the downsides weigh you down. 



One thought on “Help I Don’t Seem To Have Time For Myself Anymore Cos Of My Kid

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