Gospel Artist Glowreeyah Looks Stunning In New Birthday Pictures


She looks so pretty in the pictures she shared on her Instagram page. The singer clocks 40 today. She also shared a powerful message in form of an open letter to God.

Read the letter below:

From the very moment when I became a destined thought on your mind
For my first cry and for my last smile
For every angel and humanoid assigned to bless me on this journey
For every Gethsemane night and for every Hosanna day
For every teardrop and for every joy fount
For every wilderness and for every green pasture
For every height and for every depth
From Bridget’s womb,for my first breath till my final sigh at the appointed time when i behold your glory …when i finally see your face

Written by your own hand,I remain your story of unending mercy and custom-made grace!
Make my life your eternal expression as I waltz into this new season with you..for you…because of you!

You remain my ultimate affection.
I remain your Glow-child!

Thank you for being a Loving and Living Father to me!

Your Daughter,

#mybirthdayworship #glowreeyah #madein1977




Aww! So pretty.



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