Sola Sobowale Dishes Out Exclusive Facts In Interview

Sola Sobowale had an interview with Tofarati Ige over the weekend. Read a few snippets from the interview below.


As a kid, did you entertain thoughts of becoming an actress?

Growing up, I remember that I represented Ondo State at many sporting events. I was also fortunate to have a brother-in-law, Tunji Oyelana, aka Sura the Tailor, who was a lecturer at the University of Ibadan. He was also a singer and an actor who made me love the arts. It was with his help that I became an actress.


What was the reaction of your parents when you made it known to them that you wanted to become an actress?

I was the apple of their eyes, but they weren’t in support. My father was a retired principal, while my mother was a former headmistress. My dad actually wanted me to become a teacher, while my mum wanted me to become a nurse. In a way, I’m still doing those things they wanted, albeit in a different way. When you watch my movies and smile, that’s a form of therapy because you’re relaxed watching me. I also teach through my movies, highlighting the difference between right and wrong. In all, I give God the glory that before they passed on, they accepted me and my profession. There was a time I was to receive awards for acting at three different places, and my parents went to represent me at those events as well as receive the awards on my behalf.

Which of your movies would you say brought you into the limelight?

All my movies have been wonderful and people love them. It is not by my power though, but the grace of God. However, it was Toyin Tomato that took me outside the shores of Nigeria, and I’m thankful to Wale Adenuga for giving me the opportunity. I’ve been invited to many countries on the strength of that job.

What’s your personality like off camera?

I’m a very principled person. I am not diplomatic, and I call a spade a spade. With me, what you see is what you get. I’m also down-to-earth, easy and homely. I’m a mother and I don’t joke with my family. I also don’t joke with my God.

Has your being down-to-earth caused friction between you and colleagues?

Never! They know me and what I’m capable of.

Which of the younger generation of actors reminds you of yourself?

Genevieve Nnaji is like a daughter to me and I don’t joke with her; I also like Bimbo Akintola, Shan George, Faithia Balogun, Funke Akindele, Bimbo Oshin, and Ronke Oshodi-Oke. Honestly, they are so many of them. It’s very important to know how to handle fame.

genevieve nnaji sola sobowale.jpg

Apart from acting, what are your other interests?

I love being a mother and seeing my children. In a year, I can count the number of parties I attend, but when it comes to my children and elderly ones, I don’t joke with them. I also design my clothes myself.

But has fame robbed you of anything?

Nothing! Some celebs say they can’t go to the market but I can go to any market to buy whatever I want. I just have to be ready to greet people and chat with them and I do that. I’m not a prisoner!

Did you see ‘The Wedding Party’? If you did, you’ll know she’s an amazing actress.

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