Defects In The Nigerian Railway Corporation: Grass Root Corruption 2



This post is as a result of the life experience of a Nigerian who was faced with the corrupt practices of railway staffs. Did you miss out on the 1st post? click on the link below to get an insight of what it was all about.

After my encounter with the staffs who weighed and collected excess charges for passenger goods. I had another heart breaking experience inside the train. You see, all of the seats where already occupied even though I arrived at the station quite early. Why it was so, is something I don’t have an explanation for. There are special coaches for the restaurant and staffs in the train. Believe me when I say passengers who couldn’t get seats where charged extra amounts by staffs whose duty was to  check tickets that where already paid for. These extra charge was to get a seat in either of these coaches. The price range for this extra charge is between N1000-N1500.

I also noticed that a few passengers who did not purchase tickets from the ticket stands, paid these staffs inside the train. A few other passengers claimed to be relations of staffs with no ID to show for it. These set of people did purchase tickets at all. The passengers without connections who couldn’t purchase tickets at the ticket stands  paid  the same exact amount as the ticket price but note that these  money given to the staffs are being pocketed by them. The money is not being remitted to the corporations account. Am talking of hundreds of thousands of Naira because the head-count population in a traveling train is more than a thousand people.

These staffs reserve seats for passengers who would pay extra fares, leaving other passengers with the lawful tickets standing all through the journey except if they get lucky enough to  seat on an alighted passengers seat.

I was amazed.. How will the coaches be maintained? The comfort of passengers is at a zero level. No one cares anymore. The aged, the disabled, nursing mothers, and even the young are left to feel pains as a result of standing in the train during long traveling hours.

The coaches carrying passengers goods are detached from the the train in the course of a journey because the train is unfit to move with such weight or the coaches are faulty. This in turn leave passengers without their bags and goods after arriving at their supposed destinations. Perishable items are found in these coaches. Passengers are disappointed because of loss of goods and properties. Mine is yet to be delivered even after a week of arriving at my destination.

This is a cry out to the Acting President of Nigeria, Prof. Osinbajo to order checks into the railway corporation of the country. Millions of Naira are made on a weekly basis by the railway corporation but these funds are not used to maintain the services and properties of the corporation resulting in the discomfort and distress of innocent Nigerians who depend on the railing system .

Wow. This is an eye opener indeed. I carried out a research and I found out that trains work in Lagos everyday of the year excluding public holidays. Transporting passengers within and outside Lagos. This is different from the traveler’s trains that work at least twice a week.

I hope this write-up will get to the right people and something positive will be done about the railing system in Nigeria.



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