Aw! After 15 Years Of Marriage, Nigerian Couple Decides To Recite Wedding Vows Again


Even after 15 years of marriage, the Adelagun’s are still standing strong. Watch the heartwarming videos of their thanksgiving ceremony as they recite their wedding vows again.

A Godly Home @Regrann from @bellanaijaweddings – Wow…so emotional and inspiring. @tounadelagun ・・・ It is possible to truly enjoy your marriage. Not everyone is getting divorced by 40, not everyone is 'enduring' or 'tolerating' it. So don't intoxicate yourself on negativity because there are positive outcomes and I am one by the grace of God. Follow His instructions and trust Him to make it happen for you because it is possible. The boys being part of the whole event was refreshing. Regardless of the lies and negative statistics of today, the baton of truth becomes easy to pass on to them and for them to run with in their own time because even they are not in doubt of what God's grace can produce in a marriage. The world may have bad examples but they have lived each day with us knowing that marriage can indeed be honorable as scriptures tell us. #threestrandedcordpdta #Regrann

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Aww. This is so heartwarming and encouraging. True love truly conquers all.

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