‘Long Distance Relationships’ Yea Or Nay

OK people. This is worth discussing. Often times, lovers/partners/spouses at some point find themselves in situations where they have to live apart in different cities due to the nature of work or it could be as a result in search of greener pastures. Or it could even be as a result of furthering one’s studies. Most times, this is unavoidable. Other times its not so bad and either of the partner can sacrifice for the other.


Take for instance a married man or an engaged lady traveling overseas in pursuits of greener pastures with the hope of relocating to a better city someday. Trust me, this is quite common in our part of the world where you see Nigerian citizens living as illegal immigrants in foreign countries.Most times, their only defense is ‘things are bad here, life is quite easy abroad.’ But how about the spouses they leave behind?

A lot have fallen victims to this. Below is the story and dilemma of ‘Akonke’.

I met my fiancee 2 months before he left the country for the US. We didn’t get to know each other so much before he traveled but trust me, the love was there. We trusted each other so much and believed we could conquer all. True to his words, 2 years down the line, he relocated back to the country. We always chatted and made long calls throughout the period he was away. My friends discouraged me from trusting him but I didn’t heed to their warnings. I was so much in love.

We got married. It was a wonderful celebration. I felt I had finally proven my friends wrong. But alas! When it was time to conjugate the marriage, he confessed he was impotent. Not just that, I also recently discovered that he has a really bad temper. Really am so heartbroken. The only question that crosses my mind is ‘if he was not so far away,  would I have found out.’

But really guys, do you think Akonke’s story would have been any different if her spouse was not so far away during the years they courted? Can you engage in a long distant relationship? Whether yes or no, can you state your reasons? In my own opinion. I can’t. I won’t. I can’t even cope.

Libs Of ORC

3 thoughts on “‘Long Distance Relationships’ Yea Or Nay

  1. I wouldn’t lie long distance relationship is work. It involves so many tins but I think it comes with more bad Dan gud. More folks fall victim of long distance relationship shit. But I can risk it if it’s worth it


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