Jennifer Lopez Talks About Relationship With Drake To Ellen DeGeneres

Trust Ellen DeGeneres to drill Jennifer Lopez on what is going on between her and Drake.   Lopez was a guest on Tuesday’s episode of the daytime talk show and it didn’t take long for the inquisitive DeGeneres to delve into JLo’s love life.


She asked if Lopez’s Valentine’s Day plans included Drake, whom she was seen cuddling with in matching Instagram’s that both artists posted in December. There were also reports Drake gifted JLo one diamond necklace.

Lopez was quick to remind DeGeneres that the rapper is “off on tour right now,” which didn’t fend off follow-up questions. “But you were songwriting with him, right ‘songwriting’?” DeGeneres asked making air quotes.

“We did a song together if that’s what you’re ‘asking,'” Lopez responded before addressing the cozy photograph. “We weren’t writing a song right at that moment,” she reasoned. “We were just hanging out.

Hmm just hanging out. So what say you?

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