Marriage With Interference From Mother In Law

Below is a true life story of a Nigerian wife.


Her husband  is the only son of his mother. She noticed not long after they got married that his mother loved interfering in their marriage. She was quiet about that and felt maybe it was still the excitement of her 1st son being married. But she was so wrong.
Would you believe her mother- in- law named her baby girl without her consent?

She was still in the hospital with her husband when her MIL walked in and named her baby. She expected her husband to challenge her as they had already named her but he did nothing. She even insisted that the name she gave her baby must be the name they call her. She was pissed but she let it go again out of respect for her.

Later on, she started to notice her mother-in-laws interference was getting out of hand. Any decision made by her and her hubby must be supported by her and if not it gets thrown of the window.
She eventually got tired and tried to stand her ground. She told her husband that she has had enough. She told him she had the right to make decisions pertaining to her child. That morning, She was carrying her baby in her arms to bath her so she could go get ready for work. Immediately she made the above statement, her husband descended on her. According to her, she has never been so scared for her life and her baby’s life. She was thrown on the floor and given the beating of her life. Her face hurts and stings from the numerous slaps and her body hurts from the blows.
She waited for him to leave for the office and  packed all her things together with her baby’s. That was the second time of her being beaten. The first was when she was pregnant.

Folks are not supporting her moving out. They are saying its a part of marriage, its normal and every woman goes through it. Well she refused to accept that. What is wrong is wrong. Many woman have died from domestic violence and many are suffering in silence.

She’s below 30 years with less than 12 months into her marriage and already tagged a divorcee.
Nigerian mother-in-laws should learn to stop meddling in their son’s home and likewise Men should realize they now have a family of their own.

Guys what do you say about this issue because most ladies are scared of their mother-in-law’s. There are various tales on this issue.

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2 thoughts on “Marriage With Interference From Mother In Law

  1. D problem is with dis African setting where MIL’s don’t knw der place in d home of the children. Nd the lack of real Men who would man der ouses. I don’t even support the idea of mother in laws stayin more Dan @least 3wiks in der children’s housesh


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