Dilemma Of A Young Nigerian Lady… Trail Marriage Or Not?

OK guys. Here’s a tough one. This is a true life scenario but I have to keep the identities of the parties involved in question.


Miss D dearly loves her boyfriend who has been her number 1 fan for four years. They are quite close to getting married but then she has to complete her masters programme. She has the option of picking an institution in the state where are boyfriend resides or an institution in a farther part of the country. Of course her boyfriend insists she has to run her programme in the state where he resides and she has to completely move in with him.

She’s like cool, since they both know they would end up together forever. But then she wants to apply to the institution in the farther part of the country. why you might ask? Well according to her, she wants a bit of freedom before she finally settles down with him. She’s like whats the harm in staying apart for just a year. She would most likely see him at least twice in 3 months.

The guy is all bent on the trail marriage. At least that’s what it seems like. But she’s not sure on what to do. What if she gets pregnant? What if they eventually break up? Shit happens you know?

She doesn’t want to hurt her boo’s feelings by saying no. But she doesn’t want to get involved in a trail marriage either. OK people What should she do? Lets hear your views.



One thought on “Dilemma Of A Young Nigerian Lady… Trail Marriage Or Not?

  1. I wouldn’t advice her to move in with him. So after he has tasted d cookie nd found anoda gal with better service he wuld naw dump her. If d guy loves her he wouldn’t insist on trial marriage


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