School Principal Beats A Student Brutally For Being Absent In School

A Facebook user  Utibe Michael Akpan on Monday shared photos of her brother who was brutalized by his school principal for being absent in school.


She shared this on her timeline:

“Imagine what the principal of Christian Secondary Commercial School at Obio Imo did to my brother’s back because he couldn’t make it to school. The man didn’t even bother to find out if d boy was sick or didn’t have transport.”

She also shared an SMS sent by the principal, identified as E.O. Esedeke to her dad. See below:

Dear Mfon (victim), this is notify you that you are to attend lessons everyday in the school. You didn’t attend on Friday and Saturday. You have (been) penalised. You will receive the penalty on monday. Thanks
From E.O.Esedeke
Your principal.

So we still have school principals like this in country? Really what kind of disciplinary act is this? He ought to be suspended by the board of directors and he should tender an apology to the student and his parents. He should even pay for damages. WHAT!

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