Mercy Johnson And Her Husband Celebrates Their 5th Wedding Anniversary

Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson-Okojie and her politician husband Prince Henry Okogie are celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary yesterday and Mercy Johnson-Okogie wrote a lovely message for her husband on Instagram.

mercy johnson okogie and her husband 5th wedding anniversary

Peep the bolded at the end: Is she planning to have a 4th child?

Fate and time have stood as a witness to our love
You are in my heart like a prayer and the mention of ur name is my worship
With you thorns feel like flowers in my hands
The biggest risk in my life is spending a moment without u
Love bows to no one and needs no permission hence ur name is in my heart like a prayer
I love u babes, everyone is intoxicated by something but I am intoxicated by u,
Ur my fantasy and my every imagination
I love u so much, my quarreling partner, my gossip pal, my trusted friend, my secret keeper and lover.
5yrs down, forever to go. Please Pray for me my friends cus I adore him and with him is where I want to be.
HWA My Hope
#thankujesus #myGodisnotamanthatheshouldlie#mama3andreadytogoagain

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