Heartbreaking Video Of Syrian Boy Covered In Dust And Blood Goes Viral

I saw this video of little Omran, the Syrian boy that was rescued,the heartbreaking video of Omran, posted by the Aleppo Media Center, has been circulating on social media.

It shows a civil defense worker carrying the little boy to an ambulance. His cartoon character T-shirt is covered in dust, the left side of his face is bloody. He is silent despite the cacophony around him.
160818142212-05-omran-daqneesh-aleppo-syria-exlarge-169 160818142235-06-omran-daqneesh-aleppo-syria-exlarge-169
I was moved to tears when I saw him wipe his head, saw the blood and started wiping his hands on the chair, and through it all, he didn’t cry. He didn’t show any sign of pain, but just kept looking, you know, like someone in shock,like some one already used to daily terror.
I could only begin to imagine the terror this little boy, who can’t be more than 5 years old could have faced in his lifetime.
Would he ever be a normal little boy again? Would he get his childhood back? Would he recover fully and be free without the terrors of his past holding him back? This war in Syria needs to end now, the violence is just too much. 

Watch the video below

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