ORC Style: 5 Times Linda Ikeji Wowed Us With Her Style

Everybody knows Linda Ikeji for her blogging, and till the whole Wizkid saga, she was almost drama free… oh wait there was the time she broke the internet, when she got her Banana Island mansion worth N600 million.

For this post though, we will be focusing on her style sense, everybody that follows her on Instagram knows she loves her ‘designers’. Although she refers to her fashion sense as ‘boring’, we know otherwise. Always properly covered up and decent, here are the 5 (five) times Linda Ikeji has made us green with envy…

1. Linda in a BCBG top, Chanel Bag and Elisabetta Francis Shoes


2. Linda in Josie Natori top, Derek Lam Crosby Jeans, Chanel bag and Elisabetta Franchis shoe.


3. Linda in a Herve Leger dress, YSL dress and Rafe purse.



4. Linda in a Ted Baker dress, Fendi bag and Paul Andrews shoe


5. Finally, this list won’t be complete without a denim on denim outfit, Linda’s fave. Here she is in a Hilfiger crop top and jeans, Fendi Python bag and Fendi shoes.


Which is your best look?

Libs of ORC

IMAGES: @officiallindaikeji

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