Omawunmi Walks Out Of Interview After Smoking And Drinking Rumours Were Brought Up

Megbele crooner, Omawumi honored an interview with“Da Chat”  host Zinnia, a show on HFtv Africa recently where she opened up about her career and personal life. Omawumi  the host have known each other since 2007.

She was asked tough questions about rumours – for example, that she mentioned an offensive rumour that “Omawumi’s daughter was fathered by her manager (not her husband)”, to which the singer responded “eww” and “God forbid”. She said she doesn’t like talking about it, but because it was Zinnia asking, she would be polite.

Then Zinnia brought up the smoking and drinking rumors in relation to her mothering abilities. At first, Omawunmi said she wouldn’t dignify the question with a answer, but then went full throttle on Zinnia.

Omawumi asked the host if she has personally witnessed such, before addressing it then walking off the interview set.

See below

Have you seen me smoking before?

Zinnia: No.

So why would you say that? Now you see me as an artiste. I am contributing what I can. I make music the way that I should. And I come here I honour your invitation. And you’re supposed to mean me well.

Do you mean me well?

Zinnia: Of course I do.

So why would you say something that you’re not sure about?


Watch the full interview here

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