ORC Beauty: Krochet Kulture’s Latest Campaign Photos Feat Stephanie Coker, Lola OJ & Raisa Alao

Krochet Kulture a new hairline which was launched by media personality, Stephanie Coker, just released their latest campaign photos featuring Stephanie Coker, Lola Oj and Raisa Alao.

Krochet Kulture provides its clients with trendy protective hair extensions and styles that will enhance their manes. This protective method is quick, easy and a stress free experience for women of all races.

Speaking on the new line, Stephanie Coker says “I’m often asked what hair I use or who installs my twists, especially as my hair is relaxed. I embarked on a journey into hairstyles and methods and found a new trendy and stylish way of braiding. Compared to the conventional form of braiding, Krochet Kulture hair is unbelievably lightweight and quick to install. No need to sit down for hours braiding to achieve the same look.”

See the campaign photos below.

Stephanie-Coker-Krotchet-Kulture-lola oj onerandomchick

Stephanie-Coker-Krotchet-Kulture (2)Stephanie-Coker-Krotchet-Kulture (3)Stephanie-Coker-Krotchet-Kulture (4)

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