Happy New And Fabulous 2016, Long Break And More!

Hi Everyone!

Seasons Greetings! How has the holidays been? The Christmas, New Year celebrations?

Fab, I know right!

So I have been on a very long break and  I can’t begin to tell you guys how sorry I am. Was busy rounding up school (P.S I am done with my MSc program, yaaay), work and plenty other things which just came round like one big roller coaster. I actually tried getting someone who would keep this blog running when it looked like I won’t be able to, but I couldn’t find someone suitable, i am pretty picky.

Its a new year, Its freaking 2016 and this year, I am going to be extra serious with my blog, you never know where it would just take me ( eyeing Banana Island seriously), lol.

Apologies over, over to you guys!

Who made any New Year resolutions, I stopped that like many years ago, because it didn’t last me up to January ending, let God have His way. But I want to hear yours, it just might ginger me to put somethings together.

Let’s Share!

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