Toni Rivers

11 Year Old, Toni Rivers Commits Suicide After Being Bullied

On October, 25th, 11 year old teenager, Toni Rivers was discovered with gunshots wounds by her 14 year old sister in their South Carolina home and her family is blaming …

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8-Year-Old Gabriel Taye Commits Suicide After Being Bullied And Left Unconscious In School Restroom

Two days before taking his own life, Gabriel Taye was assaulted by a classmate in a restroom at Carson Elementary School. The incident occurred on January 24. Cincinnati Public Schools …

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Two Louisiana Teachers Arrested For Bullying A Student, One Told Student To “Go And Kill Herself”

According to CNN, two, sick and delusional, Louisiana teachers, Ann Marie Shelvin and Tracy Gallow are facing criminal charges for bullying and having other students bully an 11-year-old student. Deputies …

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