7 Years Old Brice Russel Killed

Too Sad… 7 Years Old Brice Russel Killed By His Mum’s Boyfriend Jack Montgomery Because He Wanted A Cookie

This is just really sad, 7 years old Brice Russel killed by his mum’s boyfriend just because he asked for a cookie. Where is our humanity? His punishment for this …

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Offset’s Sextape Floods Twitter After Patching Things Up With Cardi B… And Everyone Is Wilding On Twitter Street

Cardi B and Offset relationship have been facing one drama or the other. Now Offset’s sextape floods Twitter this early morning with everyone talking about it using the hashtag #Offset. …

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Marlazia Jones-Mattox

Pregnant 21 Year Old, Marlazia Jones-Mattox Was Killed Alongside Her Boyfriend, Keith Williams III In Gun Violence

Early this morning in Columbus, Ohio Marlazia Jones-Mattox, 21, passed away in a shooting along with her boyfriend, 23-year-old Keith Williams III. Marlazia was 35-weeks pregnant with her first child, …

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Jennifer hudson separation

Jennifer Hudson Separation: Who Is Lying? She Or David Otunga… What Was Mali Music Role?

So, guys, we have hot tea! Jennifer Hudson separation from her fiance of 10 years has everyone talking. With both sides telling stories to pain the other party bad. From …

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leandre jeremiah desronvil

8 Year Old LeAndre Jeremiah Desronvil Killed While Playing ‘Chicken’ On The Road

8-year-old LeAndre Jeremiah Desronvil was killed while playing a game of ‘chicken’ with oncoming vehicles. He got hit and died immediately LeAndre Jeremiah Desronvil,  a third-grade student at Palm Beach …

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bambino gold

Rapper Bambino Gold And Cousin Skooly Keep Da Tooly Found Dead After Going Missing For Days

According to VladTV, the bodies of missing rapper Bambino Gold, born Edward Reeves, and his cousin Kendrick Stokes have been found in the woods of Macon County, Alabama. Family members …

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my boyfriend stays with his ex

Matters With Libs: My Boyfriend Stays With His Ex Because He Is Broke And Saving For School

So while creep-crawling Facebook (is there any word like that), I saw a post ‘My Boyfriend Stays With His Ex’ from a lady asking for advice. According to her, her …

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Chris Brown Still Crawling Over Karreuche Tran Instagram And Liking Posts

It seems Chris Brown isn’t over his ex or should I say his exes (Karreuche Tran and Rihanna). He is always seen liking their pictures on Instagram, even when they get …

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Florida Couple Allegedly Shoot Themselves and Lied About Home Invasion for Insurance Money

A couple in Florida have been arrested for allegedly shooting themselves and claiming their home was invaded to get insurance money. According to Daytona Beach News Journal, Doug Teixeira, 35, …

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