Obsessed Fan Who Traveled Cross-Country To See Miley Cyrus, Arrested After Making Creepy Posts

A creepy obsessed fan of Miley Cyrus who traveled cross-country, without invitation, to see the singer in person, and left some bizarre Facebook posts has been taken into custody by cops.

The guy who is from the Milwaukee area, wrote a couple of posts two weeks ago in which he referenced taking a trip to see Miley. In the post, he claims to know her address, how best to enter her home and says they’ll “finally get together.”

He also spoke about a “most horrific act” he must complete and warned people to hold their “loved ones tight because the world is not for long”.

The creepy posts caught the attention of a concerned citizen, who alerted Milwaukee police. According to law enforcement sources, Milwaukee PD contacted LAPD and the L.A. Sheriff’s Department to give them a heads up. When the guy kept to his words and made the journey to Los Angeles, cops located him on Monday, interviewed him and took him in for psychological evaluation. They can hold him for up to 72 hours.




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