Davidson County Deputy, ‘Jeff Athey’ Accused Of Robbing Bank At Gunpoint

Luck ran out on police detective, who made a fool of himself by robbing a bank but was unable to get away as he was arrested moments after committing the crime.

Police detective, Jeff Athey, 55, betrayed the trust of his community and left citizens traumatized when he robbed the bank.

Athey is accused of walking into the F&M bank on West Main Street in Rowan County, North Carolina, at about 3:40 p.m., and displaying a black Glock 42 handgun.

He told the clerk he needed money and was handed $1,000 in cash. He then drove off in a silver Mustang.

Police were called and were given a description of the car. Officers immediately located the vehicle and took the driver into custody.

People were relieved to hear that the armed robber was off the streets but they were surprised to learn that he was a deputy who took an oath to serve and protect the community.

Athey was fired from his job after he was arrested and charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon. His bail was set at $500,000.

Athey had been working for the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office for several years.

Before being hired as a detective, he worked for a private security company and was stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan.




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