Amber Rose Reveals She Loves To Smell 21 Savage’s Underwear: ‘It Smells SO Good!’

Amber Rose, was On this week’s episode of her podcast “Loveline with Amber Rose,” were she shockingly revealed that she loves sniffing his 21 Savage clothes… especially his underwear!

“I’ve sniffed his underwear like where his b**ls are,” she shared. “It smells SO good!”

Amber and co-host Dr. Chris chatted about how scent is a major part of attraction and how studies allegedly show that smelling your partner’s clothes can relieve stress!

“Are we gross? That’s hot to me, I’m sorry,” Amber said. “It has the smell of their p***c hair walking around throughout the day… Woo!”

Dr. Chris added, “If there is something stressful going on and you have their t-shirt — or in our case their undies — and you sniff it, studies show that it can drop cortisol levels.”

What y’all think guys?




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