Jondre Thomas, Pours Boiling Water On Her Boss, Because She Was Asked About A Stolen Cash

Jondre Thomas, boss asked her of a missing money and she angrly poured boiling watwe on his face .

The 33-year-old,Thomas, worked at 595 Truck Stop company in Davie, Florida, for 5 years.

One day, she was called into the office, where she was confronted by her supervisor, Claudio Salcedo, and others.

She was questioned over money that went missing from the business. After leaving the meeting, Thomas assumed that she was going to be fired.

Once outside, she spotted her boss Salcedo. She confronted him and accused him of being behind the accusations against her because he was trying to get her fired.

Salcedo, who was Thomas’ boss, denied the allegations. This made Thomas angrier. She left and returned with boiling water.

She splashed the water on Salcedo’s face. Salcedo said that he felt his face sizzling and was scared that he was attacked with acid.

The victim was rushed to a hospital, where he was treated for second-degree burns to his forehead and the side of his face. He will likely suffer permanent scarring.

Thomas was arrested for assault causing bodily harm. Police are now investigating the allegations of theft that were made against Thomas who was fired from her job after the incident.




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