Jealous Of Her Own 8-Year-Old Son, Mom ‘Melissa Miranda’ Abuses And Starves Him

Josue Tovias and Melissa Miranda

Jealous woman abuses and starves her son because her own mother liked him more than her.

Grandparents are known to love and spoil their grandchildren.

However, one mother was jealous when her own mother gave her son a lot of love and attention.

According to police, 33-year-old Melissa Miranda, who is a mother of 4 children, singled out her 8-year-old son for extreme abuse.

The abuse came because Miranda believed that her mother loved him more than she loved her.

Police said that Miranda and her boyfriend, Josue Tovias, 28, handcuffed the boy to a table daily from 8:00 p.m. until the following morning.

The child was forced to sleep in garbage bags in order not wet the floor as he was unable to go to the bathroom.

The mother also refused to feed the child dinner. He was forced to sit and read books while the family ate. Miranda allegedly told police that her son only ate dinner about 3 times a week for several months.

When the starved boy stole snacks from the kitchen, Miranda allegedly threatened to cut off his fingers or have him arrested for theft.

The abuse came to light when school staff noticed the boy was eating food from trash cans and he stole food from other students.

Miranda and her boyfriend, who is not related to the victim but is the father of his girlfriend’s 2 younger children, were arrested and all 4 children were removed from their custody.

The couple was charged with kidnapping, permitting child abuse, domestic battery, endangering the welfare of a minor, aggravated assault, terroristic threatening, and tampering with physical evidence.




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