Elderly Canadian Couple, Melbourne And Etta Flake, Robbed & Murdered In Their Jamaica Vacation Home

According to their daughter, the elderly Canadian couple were killed in their Jamaican vacation home, on Tuesday morning in St. Thomas.

Debbie Olfert said, that she found out about her parents’ Melbourne Flake, 81, and Etta Flake, 70, deaths on Tuesday night when her sister called and told her to get home first before she told her the bad news.

“I thought that I was in a dream. I thought that this couldn’t possibly be what I was hearing, that it was a bad, bad joke. That I would be saying, ‘OK, you know what? That’s not funny,’”

Olfert recalled, according to CBC News.

“But I realized at some point when I had several people starting to call me, and I had another person from Jamaica call me and say, ‘I’m sorry Debbie,’ I thought, ‘Oh, OK, this is not a fantasy. This is real.’”

“It was just terrible, that’s all I know,” said daughter Olfert.

Though Olfert said that the family had very little information beyond that.

Dahlia Garrick, a communications officer for the Jamaica Constabulary Force, said that they were investigating and that it was possible the elderly couple had found themselves the victim of a robbery. However, Garrick said that they had not ruled anything out yet.

Police investigations are still going on…




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