Diddy Offers Boy Form H&M Ad A Sean John Modelling Contract

We recently reported on the outrage people had after seeing an H&M ad of a black boy wearing a sweater that read “coolest monkey in the jungle”.

Since then many celebrities have voiced their disappointment in the company, including TheWeeknd and GEazy who publicly withdrew their support for H&M–including their individual collaborations with the company.

H&M Slammed For ‘Racism’ After Putting Out “Monkey Hoodie” Image

That being said, Diddy was then rumored to have offered the boy in the ad a $1 million Sean John modelling contract.

We reached out to a Diddy spokesperson for comment and he said, “I haven’t reached him yet,” but he did confirm that “Sean John reached out” about a possible deal.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted on this possible collaboration!




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