Photos: UFC Star Conor McGregor Rents An Entire Amusement Park For Just His Family And Friends To Celebrate The New Year

professional boxer and Irish professional mixed martial artist Conor McGregor, has been living a life of extravagance since he made about £100million from his first boxing match against Floyd Mayweather.

On Monday, McGregor rented the entire Dublin-based amusement park, Funderland just for his family and friends to celebrate the new year. He also hired a stream of vehicles to transport his loved ones to and from the park

‘I opened up Funderland tonight, for my family and friends to have fun on this fresh January Monday,’ the 29-year-old wrote alongside a picture of himself, girlfriend Dee, son Conor Jnr and mother Margaret walking through the park.

‘The Monday blues are just a day and a colour,’ he continued. ‘Some buzz baby what’s up hahahaha. Who else.’

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