Too Sad… 7 Years Old Brice Russel Killed By His Mum’s Boyfriend Jack Montgomery Because He Wanted A Cookie

7 Years Old Brice Russel Killed

This is just really sad, 7 years old Brice Russel killed by his mum’s boyfriend just because he asked for a cookie. Where is our humanity?

His punishment for this was to be viciously beaten to death by his mother’s boyfriend.

Two of Brice’s three brothers told police they saw their 6-2, 270-pound mother’s boyfriend, Jack Montgomery, throw Brice around the hotel room (where the family was living), punch him in the stomach and mouth; rub his face into the carpet; and sling him by a leg so that his head hit a cabinet mounted high in a corner.
Detectives say that Montgomery threatened the same violence against the other children if they did not join in with him and strike Brice.

When Brice’s head hit the cabinet, he was knocked out and never regained consciousness. Blood was coming out of his mouth and nose according to his brothers. Afterwards, Montgomery washed Brice’s face and placed him in bed with his siblings.

Face of evil

Around 1 am on Saturday, Dec. 30, 2017 an officer responded to the hotel room to do a welfare check after a guest reported hearing loud yelling. Montgomery told the officer that he was in the room with “his children” and he pushed the door open enough for the officer to see the children sleeping in a bed towards the back of the room. He said the noise was from music he had been playing. The officer did not enter the room at the time and cleared the call with no further investigation.

Several hours later, around 10 am, paramedics in Seffner, Florida found Brice’s body cold and rigid after Montgomery called police. This was over 10 hours after Brice was beaten.
Montgomery, 31, was left to watch the children while their mother worked overnight. Donya Russell, 28, had been evicted in November from an apartment, records show. The family was staying at a hotel.
Montgomery has now been charged with aggravated child abuse and felony first-degree murder.

Our prayers are with Brice’s siblings who were forced to join in and hurt him and who then witnessed his death. Rest well Brice…