Rapper Kevin Gates To Be Released After Serving 9 Months In Prison

Back in 2015, rapper Kevin Gates kicked a female fan in the chest during a show. Kevin is due be released from prison by Wednesday next week.

According to TMZ.

The rapper was initially convicted and sentenced in Florida for that incident and served 5 months in prison, however, on the day he was supposed to get out of prison, an outstanding weapons related warrant was found and he was sent back in prison with a 30 months sentence.

However, after serving 9 months in jail for kicking the woman and the weapons charge, he is finally been released.

Lindsey Hess at the Illinois Department of Correction says Gates is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, after serving 9 months. Hess says Gates is getting out on parole, and his release conditions include mandatory supervision and no possession of firearms.

Watch the video of the kick below:




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