Chicago Singer ‘Sakyrah Angelique’ Tattooed Her Late Grandma’s Soundwave Of Her Voicemail

Sakyrah Angelique, a Chicago based singer has shared incredible footage of a tattoo that plays the voice of her late grandmother when she holds her phone over it.

The tattoo is a soundwave of a voicemail her grandma left her, a month before she died.

The 19-year-Old singer said :

“She meant so much to me, so to be able to have this for the rest of my life is the greatest thing that I could ever have,” Sakyrah said. “I’ve only had the tattoo for a day now, so I have not played it much. I’ve been waiting until I had time alone to really sit and realize the beauty in what I have now.”

Heartwarming video has got everyones heart melted:




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