Alicia Keys Accuse Company In Swizz, Lawsuit Of Extortion And Demands To Be Left Out

Swizz Beatz was sued last year, Metro Gem Leasing accused the producer of reselling and “fraudulently using” luxury vehicles—including a $155,000 Range Rover and $600,000 Ferrari F12 that was leased under his name. The company is seeking $16.5 million in damages and has been coming for Swizz since November 2016, however now they’re coming after Alicia Keys!

Metro Gem Leasing has also sued Alicia Keys’ company AK Worldwide Productions and she is not here for it! In fact, she filed a motion to be dismissed from the lawsuit against her husband citing that she’s never been involved with the leasing company. The singer notes that her name isn’t on any paperwork and says that to her knowledge, any vehicles that Swizz leased were returned.

Both Swizz and Alicia believe that Metro are just using them to gain publicity for their business. Alicia has accused them of trying to loop her into the lawsuit in hopes of receiving a bigger payout. Swizz has already filed a motion to dismiss the case.

Wow! This couple ‘re just amazing!

We’ll keep y’all updated as story develops….




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